Thank you for the interest in my experience and qualifications. Please don't hesitate to download my resume for you records.
edesign: design retail
As a project manager at edesign group, I coordinated the design, manufacturing, and delivery of fashion retail fixtures for fortune 500 companies. I facilitated and fueled the communication between sales, estimating, logistics, and our supply chain to make sure budgetary and deadline goals were met. I produced context renderings, technical drawings, and production schedules for multiple concurrent projects. I received several commendations from customers and vendors for support of their strategic goals, dependability, and accuracy.
Sector Vector
As a tool to teach mathematical vectors to physics students, we prototyped 3 sets of a board game from simple laser cut and 3D printed components. By collaborating with the other teams, I developed the central game piece; a space ship that would allow the voyagers to accurately measure angle and distance.
Merge: Wearable Communication
Preserve human interaction. Promote wearable acceptance.
Favermann Design: Street Furniture Systems
As an Intern at Favermann Design, I began by developing a thorough specification book for the Winchester Urban Design project which is currently being used by manufacturers in a pilot program in Winchester, MA. I then helped develop and render Street Furniture systems for various contexts such as the Merck Building courtyard and the Esplanade 2020. The DNA Helix system is currently under review in the Urban Design category of the Architizer Plus Awards.
Sound Sentry
The above photo was taken in a park on Museum Island in Berlin, Germany. There was one pollution that was hurting what would have otherwise have been a great day in the warm sun on the green grass. Vehicles were roaring by, children were screaming and yelling, and construction vehicles hummed and rumbled in the distance. Sound pollution destroys the serenity of parks everywhere in Berlin.
Designer's Getaway
The Designers Getaway is a collaborative project designed for the Wentworth Campus. It is an accommodating outdoor seating option in respect to three major needs of the students. It is relaxing, has the option to be social and isolated, and allows for effective computer usage.
Ziggy the Space Worm
Ziggy is a wooden, cam powered, pull toy developed for children ages 1-4. This toy helps children develop motor skills while they interact with the shapes and rebuild Ziggy’s body. Ziggy also exudes a happy mood and attracts a lot of attention as he rolls across the floor.
Jackson Pollock Loft
If Jackson Pollock were alive, then this loft designed for Newbury Street in Boston would be perfect. It is designed to be the ideal work, live space for the abstract expressionist.
Custom Beirut
As the centerpiece in any dining room or kitchen, a table must feel like it belongs. This table was designed around its owner and the classic drinking game called Beirut. It acts as a multi-use centerpiece to any room and adheres to WSOBP standards.
Epitome: Bird Feeder
Epitome was designed to be the perfect enclosure for the Grey Catbird. They are territorial scavengers who like to hide and eat in bushes and tall grass. Therefore, a mesh floor and protective canopy were chosen to complement the creature.
Renderings: Solidworks, Rhino, and Keyshot
The following are works created in Solidworks and Rhino and subsequently rendered in Keyshot.
Drawing: Pen, Pencil, Marker, Wacom Cintiq
The following are rendering done with pen, pencil, marker and a Wacom Cinitq tablet.
Physical Modeling
The following are models I have done through my academic career using various materials. Of the materials I've used, the medium of wood is my favorite because it helps me tell the best story through form.
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